RSV School

RSV with its own ATL Lab

A unique India   

A creative India 

AN innovative India 

AN enabled India 

 A WORLD beyond textbooks 

A WORLD free for explorations 

A WORLD full of experiments 

A WORLD filled with confidence 

These words are enough to define ATL Lab – Atal Tinkering Lab. 

ATL, a flagship program by the Government of India under National Institution for Transforming India. 

 (NITI AYOG). ATL LAB so called STEM LAB (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)  

STEM Lab is a project based, handson learning solution which enables students to apply their knowledge to use in the field of technology. Our STEM Tinkering and innovation lab is inspired by ATL. The course and projects designed are to enhance the creative and problem solving abilities of the students.