RSV School



The subject of Physics derives strength from its strong experimental base. The pride of RSV envisages the objectives of inculcating scientific aptitude in the young minds through the experiments done by them in the school laboratories. As per the guidelines of CBSE, RSV has a Physics Laboratory which provides an opportunity for the students to understand the basic concepts of the subject  in an easy and interesting manner. 

The students conduct practicals on their own. They follow step by step procedures and rationally get to  understand  the concepts of science. Utmost care is given to the students who are performing the experiments in a scientific way. Students feel happy  after verifying the results. 

Life Science is the branch that kindles inquisitive, observational, creative, imaginative education in children’s mind. 


Based on the CBSE norms our school has a well-equipped Biology Laboratory. The salient features of the Laboratory are given below: 

  • Lab is well ventilated and illuminated. 
  • Lab can comfortably accommodate 50-60 students with comfortable working area for each. 
  • For Microscopic studies Compound, dissecting and Projection Microscopes are there. 
  • Chemical racks have all required chemicals & test materials. 
  • For physiological and behavioural study different devices like Auxanometer, Gannon’s photometer, Photographic chamber, Clinostat, Chemo graphic recorder, Incubator etc. are provided. 
  • We have a qualified faculty which evoke analytical thinking, practical skill by illustrating the activities in enjoyable manner. 


Chemistry occupies  a control position in the study of modern science. A large body of chemical obtained from painstaking experiments. RSV has a lab with the capacity of nearly 40 students. Every seat is provided by individual gas and water connected apparatus as per requirement and also to carry out their projects.


The well established Mathematics Lab in our school can accommodate 20-30 students at a time. The laboratory contains models/kits explaining Algebric identities, Properties of circles, Properties of Triangles various solid 3D shapes, Pythagoras theorem kit , Abacus, Sun Clock, Geo Board, Geometry Box and many more kits which enhance various skills and clears the concept of Maths among the students. 

These activities encourage Numerical skills,  Observational skills , Thinking skills, Skills of comparison, Skills of interpretation, problem solving skills, decision  making skills, skills of games and develop their imagination, creativity, logical thinking and gives  a different type of approach for the subject. They also learn to relate the subject with day-to-day life and many other things in life. 


The Artificial Intelligence Research and Development group explores new ways of solving research problems applying advanced AI techniques using machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, fuzzy logic, natural language processing, knowledge representation and reasoning and genetic algorithms. 

The school posses an AI LAB which is a state-of-the-art learning platform. It is designed to enable students to experience Transformational AI & Coding education. Students and teachers will get access to many hands-on real-time AI Coding experiences which consist of real-world activities that will expose them to various disciplines, scenarios and applications of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives.  

The AI Lab’s virtual & experiential learning courses are intuitive, self-paced & self-directed with projects for improved learning outcomes. The mission of the AI LAB is to help schools provide their students with unique and rich learning experiences in AI Education to ensure that they are ready for their college, careers, and life-in-the-2030s. 


Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student- a necessary part of learning that exposes students to full spectrum of disciplinary subfields- physical, human and nature-society geography as well as geographical techniques. 

 The lab is well equipped with a series of maps, topographic sheets and variety of survey equipments like tracing table, thermometers, barometer, magnetic compass, electric globe, anemometer, wind wane, standard time indicator and wet and dry bulb thermometers. Access to Wi-Fi and digital panels make the students to explore and satisfy their querries. 

 Field trips are organised for the students to study the natural occupancy of various facts and inform about physical changes with the help of Global positioning system and Geographic information system available on Net. Geography Lab specializes in the development of qualitative and quantitative research skills in School.