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Importance of School Facilities in Education

When choosing a school for their children, parents should consider the facilities provided by each school in order to select the best school for their children’s development. The facilities of a school impact overall learning process as well as the mental and physical growth of the students. These also affect the academic performance of the student to some extent. So, parents must consider the school’s facilities. 

Basically, facilities offered by a school affect the health, behavior, engagement, learning, and growth of the students. The physical and emotional health of students and teachers also depends on the facilities they are getting in school. So, every school should be equipped with proper facilities for the students and teachers, such that an environment conducive to learning is created. 

Five basic facilities that every school should provide to the students are:

Acoustics and Noise 

A classroom should be a quiet place where the students can have mental satisfaction, peace and are able to concentrate without any outer distractions. Noisy classrooms have negative effects on the learning of the students. Students get distracted and can never perform satisfactorily in a noisy environment. 

Ventilation and Air Quality 

In schools, maintaining proper ventilation in each classroom is imperative. Students suffering from respiratory conditions find it hard to stay in the classrooms for long. On top of that, inadequate ventilation can cause discomfort to the student thereby hindering the learning process. The students are unable to focus in such classroom. 

Bacteria, viruses and many other pathogens breed at places where there is improper air passage. Thus, it impacts the health of the students. So, in order to provide top-notch quality of education to the students, it is equally important to provide healthy environment with proper ventilation. 



According to a study, students that receive maximum exposure to natural daylight in the classroom, grab the classroom learnings in a much better way. Natural light boosts the morale of the students as well as teachers thereby resulting in good quality of education. So, schools should have access to natural light and use less amount of artificial light. 

Temperature Control 

The temperature at which students learn affects their engagement levels and the overall outcome. If students feel too hot or too cold in the classrooms, it results in low concentration. Proper temperature management is crucial in order to enable the students to focus on classroom learnings without worrying about weather conditions. 

Space and Size Of Classrooms 

Overcrowded classrooms lead to minimum student engagement and improper learning. Teachers also find it uncomfortable to handle a class that is overcrowded. They usually fail to focus on every student when classrooms are overcrowded. So, the number of students in the classroom should be moderate. The classrooms should be spacious in order to provide adequate space for the students to study and for the teachers to give demonstrations. 

Clearly, school facilities play a significant role in students’ development. Being one of the top schools of Rajasthan RSV understands parents’ concern and students’ requirements. That is why it offers all the requisite facilities to the students. It has a unique learning pedagogy and well-equipped classroom. The student to teacher ratio is 1:30, which ensures that every student receives individual attention from the teachers. This makes it one of the best schools in India. So, without a second thought, you should choose RSV for your children. 

Established to make children well-rounded and self-dependent individuals, the school has been constructed on a sprawling campus with splendid infrastructural facilities in a tranquil and pollution-free environment. A comprehensive academic and co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, personal attention & care, and state-of-the-art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education a child receives at RSV is holistic and truly international. 


It is equipped with modern facilities like audio visual and teaching aids to provide a congenial environment, both for independent and guided activities.  

Effective learning is provided through play way and multimedia technology. 

Regular emphasis is laid on Indian/spiritual values, character building, creative activities and all round development of the child thereby ensuring a scientific outlook and fertile imagination. 

The building of my school is four– storied. It is a spacious building.

  • Air –conditioned classrooms 
  • Spacious & hygienic classrooms 
  • Clean surroundings 
  • Well-stocked libraries 
  • Ample water supply 
  • Clean Wash rooms on every floor 
  •  Well-tended gardens 
  • Minni Zoo 
  • Park for students of all ages. 
  • Multipurpose rooms 
  • Play Grounds 
  • All classrooms with smart panels 
  • Staff rooms  
  • Auditoriums 
  • Internet connectivity  
  • Laboratories 
  • Multimedia room 
  • Art and craft workshops 
  • Music Rooms