RSV School



  • An innovative child- centric approach. 
  • Emphasis on understanding the child: his concentration levels, memory, reasoning and creativity. 
  • A system of “Continuous Informal Evaluation” based on classwork, theme based worksheets and observation sessions followed. 
  • Biannual results to monitor the child’s development. 
  • The school follows a non-detention policy in the primary classes. 


The Primary and the Secondary schooling years 

  • Learning structured to empower the students to share their thoughts and ideas 
  • The curriculum is designed to encourage the teamwork. 
  • Learning through group discussion, projects as well as hands-on activities and experimentation. 
  • Emphasis is laid more on ‘learning by doing’ rather than rote learning. 
  • Our teachers act as Facilitators and Guides throughout the learning process. 
  • The school reserves the right to accept or reject the admission of any candidate. 


RSVians are: 

  • There is a warm and friendly atmosphere at our school, which we are all proud of at RSV, we take pride in being  an INCLUSIVE learning organization that is INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE and REFLECTIVE. 


  • We plan for the learning styles of all children, recognizing that we all learn in different ways. We involve the committee in our work- We’ve got a very popular Toddler’s Group, senior learning classes and Parent Forums   


  • We make full use of ICT through interactive board, digital film and photographs to enhance learning for all. Our children have access to iPads, Learn Pads, desktops and core i3 Laptops. We have developed a curriculum based specifically on the children’s needs at RSV. We’re developing a learning curriculum to make learning interesting and easy. 


  • Children here learn by experiencing and investigating. We place great emphasis on learning  through seeing and in competitive levels. So learning is everywhere in school. 


  • Children reflect on their achievements each week. Staff are involved in their own reflections each week with each other. We stop at many points in our school year and think how we’re doing and seek opinions.